Animated Cubes tutorial Request

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Animated Cubes tutorial Request

Postby Diorn » Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:54 am

Hello guys, i'm trying to do a little project here. I need a transition for various video cuts. The ideea is a grid of snapped cubes that are animated in height. Once the max height is reached the top face changes their color to white. I would use this rendered color as a mask in after effects for the transition. I have a feeling all the tools i need are in ATK but because of the small ammount of info for atk and my novice level i'm feeling a need of asking some help for this.
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Re: Animated Cubes tutorial Request

Postby Mats » Mon May 05, 2014 4:38 am

Its a bit late for a reply.
The way i would have done it is.

Make a box and animate the height.
when you know what gonna be the max height, create a second box like in the image, make it transparent so you can see that the top face is innside it. (alt+x)


in the volume select you change select by: to mesh object and select the secondary box. and stack selection level to face.
now abow the volum select in the modifier stack you put a material modifier and set it to 2.


Then create a multisub material with one material for ID 1 and one for ID 2. ID 2 will be the to face.
Apply it and scrub the animation. you will see when it reaches the top it will change.

then make a array of the first box like 4 x 4 or whatever.
PS: make sure to keep a original copy so you don't break anything.

Fire up ATK
-remove all keys (when you copy the original animation is still there)
-Copy keys (copy the keys from the original animation over to the array boxes)
-Shift - random (makes it look cool :D)

PS: The optimal here whould to be able to select the array and just shift - random the keys that already there, but it dint work, thats why we delete em and recopy the keys.

Now you just have to make sure the volumselect box is large enough depending on how large your array is 4x4 or 100 x 100. and it should be done :)

Probably many other good solution for this, but this is what i first thought about.

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