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Postby artkitekt » Mon Sep 30, 2013 5:23 pm

Please take the time to read a few forum rules before making your first topic.

1. Be respectful.

2. Before you make a new thread, please run a quick forum search to find similar topics.
If you find a topic only partially answers your question, feel free to 'bump' that topic with an addendum to the original question.
If you find no threads which answer your question, make a new topic.

3. Ensure your thread title clearly outlines your problem, don't post threads with titles such as "Please Help" or "I'm Stuck".
This means your post is less likely to be skipped when a user is browsing the forum for new questions to answer.

4. Make your post as clear and as detailed as possible.
If necessary, provide code or a link to your project. Don't worry about the length of your post, the more detailed it is, the quicker we can help.

5. Don't double post. If you have submitted a thread, it will be answered.

6. Don't bump your topics unless it is pushed off the first page. As above.

7. Don't cross post. If you're unsure of where your thread should go, post in the most obvious forum and a mod will move it if necessary.

8. Be respectful.
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