Multiple Camera Preview

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Multiple Camera Preview

Postby milkywaif » Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:55 pm

Hi Andru,

I've purchased ATK next day it was released and using it since. Big thanks to you and John for developing this awesome toolset. I'm a big fan of you guys.

I have one request and one suggestion for ATK if you don't mind.

When are we getting the long-awaited presets for ATK?

Some tool for previewing entire animation in viewport with single click. In other words, multiple camera preview tool. When I'm animating a scene, I'm using a lot of cameras and I preview each camera one by one but there are times when I'd like to preview whole animation at once. This is something I'm looking for ages but there's not a built-in feature in 3ds max to achieve this. There are some workarounds and scripts but none of them are user friendly and easy to use.
Let me be more specific and give you an example use of this script:
I have 3 cameras in my scene and would like to preview my animation. I'll launch the script and add these cameras (I'm using vray cameras btw) I'll define playing range for each camera. Like this:

Cam1: frame 1-23
Cam4: frame 32-44
Cam9: frame 45-87

And when I hit play button, script will change current view to Cam1, play assigned range, change view to Cam4, play assigned range, and so on...
I belive it will be a useful pre-production tool and a great addition to "Treasure Chest" What do you think?
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Re: Multiple Camera Preview

Postby artkitekt » Sat Nov 09, 2013 8:46 pm

Thanks for the kind remarks and thoughts! Fantastic idea, dude. We've been discussing developing something like this in light of CamRig.

There are quite a bit of scripts that do something like this already, however like you said they're not too user friendly. So far I've had the best success with this one

Haha, as far as the presets go you are right, a collection is long past due. Stay tuned to the tutorial forum, we have a couple of posts with companion presets. The idea is to create an archive of scene files and settings. John just purchased a microphone, so he'll be working on those too in the near future.
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