ATK - Selection Gizmo question

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ATK - Selection Gizmo question

Postby kumodot » Sat Jul 12, 2014 4:20 pm

Hello there ! First post here. :)

Maybe i need to get into the workflow with ATK better. I just bought it some hours ago, and probably there´s a lot to learn...

But i was trying to make something here and it´s going wrong...

I made a "Plane" made of hive models (A simple hive model with array copy). They are separeted object and i want then to apear on a "radial wave" of flipping hives... So i added a
1 - SELECT BY GIZMO - And animated a Sphere Gizmo on the direction i want... (Moving and scaling the Gizmo)...
2 - I added a TRansform Manipulator -> Rotate Y - 180 -> Order by Selection (The first device)

Press Run all devices. But weid thing happens... :(
The Gizmo scaling is beeing ignored by the selection device. So it´s not selection all the hives... It´s just respecting it´s original size and position transform (is this expected ?)
All the selected hives are rotating at the same time, not respecting the "Selection order" ?

Do i misunderstood something ?

How can i "Reset" the animations to the original (initial position) ? Just pressing UNDO many times ?

thankyou !
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