Installation fails with "No eof function for undefined"

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Installation fails with "No eof function for undefined"

Postby Anim » Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:46 am


Just downloaded version 1.0 of the demo and installed into a fresh install of 3dsmax 2011.

As per your install instructions it fails using....

1. Dragging the file into max does nothing, it drops fine but then nothing happens.
2. Launching 3dsmax as Administrator then dragging that file onto max viewport brings up the denied icon on the cursor.
3. Running the ATKInstaller script from within max starts the install but then fails with an error on the "ATK License Agreement" page with the error: MAXScript rollout handler Exception -- No ""eof"" function for undefined. Clicking OK then "I Accept" on the blank license fills in the details with:

Starting Installation..
Checking compatability..OK
Prompting EULA..Accepted
Prompting Uninstall..OK
Removing old files..OOK
Removing Maxscripts..OK
Removing Icons..OK
Removing shortvut..OK
Copying Script Files..
Failed: -- Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: Could No.....

So, how do you install this script?

This is quite urgent.

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Re: Installation fails with "No eof function for undefined"

Postby artkitekt » Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:21 am

Hey Anim! Here's a video showing how to run as Administrator. Please follow "Method 2".

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