Downloads as a zip file, and workaround found

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Downloads as a zip file, and workaround found

Postby andrew75 » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:49 am

Downloaded as a Zip file instead of a .MZP file, is this normal ? ( because you cant install when using a zip file to viewport or unzipping the files, for example you cant drag the to a viewport obviously. lol)

Now the workaround.
Ok so I found that when downloading with Microsoft edge , it wants to download as a zip file and the same with Internet explorer. however using Internet explorer I can chose to save as, and select the All files and just add .MPZ at the end.
Wouldn't it be better to upload the MZP inside a .rar or .zip archive that way you can protect the .MZP from being changed to .zip?
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