Crash using Mesh option in Shift

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Crash using Mesh option in Shift

Postby Madail » Fri Nov 22, 2013 5:20 am

Hi there,

Just bough ATK for this project i'm working on and despite it's awesomeness (really is something amazing!) i'm running into problems.

I have a scene fill with wind turbines (grouped objects), and they are growing from frame 920 to 935.

I managed to use Shift with the random method without a problem, but i wanted to be able to make the growth happen based on a growing gizmo or mesh, starting from a specific wind turbine, radially expanding the growth..

The gizmo method doesn't work as apparently it only takes into account the poisition of the gizmo, and not it's scale animation.

The mesh method (simple box with animated scale) doenst work as while it's running its calculations some error happens and an "unknown system exception" occurs... I'm using range from 900 to 1010, which encompasses all the animation that i have on the wind turbines and also the box scaling to reveal the turbines growing.

Any help on this would be great. I remember a script called "la ola" that shifted keys based on the distance from a master object, and this would work quite well with ATK.

unknown system exception with Mesh Collision Method
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Re: Crash using Mesh option in Shift

Postby Madail » Fri Nov 22, 2013 6:47 am

Hmm, i managed to make it work with the gizmo method, i found it actually works if i animate the radius property for the gizmo itself, rather than scaling it.

I also made a test with a parented dummy growing up instead of animating the turbines itself, and that also worked with the mesh method, but never with a scaling mesh, only by moving it..
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Re: Crash using Mesh option in Shift

Postby artkitekt » Sun Dec 08, 2013 11:49 pm

Hey Madail, we apologize for the late reply. The holidays have been real busy! It's good to know that you've found a work around. I've found that the collision testing in 'Shift by Gizmo' only accounts for the position in the first key, that has been changed in forthcoming version where I'll also add the ability to scale the gizmo instead of just sizing it.

I'll take a look into the shift by mesh and see what is up with the scaling. Also, you may find that Copy Keys by Script works very similar to La Ola, instead you can offset the shift based on distance from a gizmo, with falloff and a bake button.

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