ATK and Animation Layer

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ATK and Animation Layer

Postby Mats » Thu Mar 06, 2014 6:38 am

I might have missed the memo but is it a know thing that ATK have problems with animation layers?

as a simple test

creates 2 spheres.
use the Explode function on em both.
layer - on
smoothing -on
align pivot-on

now activate animation layer on one of them. (that means all the faces that makes out one of the spheres)

then creates a plane with animation.

Now try copy keys from the plane to the faces of the sphere that is NOT animation layer. It calculates fast and all the animation is there.
Then try do the same over to the faces that are in animation layer. It takes some time and when its done nothing is happening.

The reason i want to use animation layer, is when i preserve the animation of an object like "Keep Transform animation" when exploding. so i can keep that animation separate from the FX animations i'm gonna copy from other sources.

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