I'm still alive

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I'm still alive

Postby artkitekt » Tue Oct 04, 2016 10:48 pm

More than a reasonable amount of time has passed since we've provided an update. 2 years, 2 kids, several moves & jobs later and we're finally back, dusting off old code and rediscovering where our hearts were when we started this project. For me, this project began several years ago when I enjoyed spending any spare chance creating tools that opened doors creatively. After reaching out to John about some of his tools and discovering that he was just like me, we became friends quickly and started KeyTransfer, an early ATK prototype. One idea became many ideas and we started developing ATK much slower than we could concept. After 40k lines of code, several refactors, many endless nights & 3 years later we released it. It was bittersweet, I had lost my job, I was burned out, and had a new son on the way a few weeks out.

I worked freelance for a couple of years, providing as much time as I could borrow from my responsibilities to keep ATK alive. I thought I could keep ATK going and start a new life as a freelancing parent. I failed. In the beginning I could handle technical support but that became more infrequent. It was nearly impossible for John to bugfix or add to ATK without close help because I had built the core architecture of ATK and back-end licensing system from the ground up. Selfishly I kept the site up, I thought someday soon I would have enough time to triage the spotty licensing system, finish unreleased tools, manage the message boards and everything would be okay. Like ATK's formative years spent heads down cranking away, months became years. In my search for stability I ended up finding myself at Riot Games, using ATK in my work and dusting off old code. The past few months I have kept getting emails asking if the project is still alive, so I began to work on it again in my spare time while my kids slept.

I apologize if I have let you down, it is my fault. If you are dissatisfied with ATK please reach out to me for a full refund. I have issued refunds to everyone in the past who has requested them. I would like to express my gratitude out to those people who have kept a light on for me and have continued to encourage this project, your support has been the most rewarding aspect of this endeavor, thank you.

While the future of ATK is uncertain, I will say that my passion for the project is not over yet, and I will continue to work on ATK as long as I use Max.

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Re: I'm still alive

Postby michaelwbell » Sun Oct 09, 2016 11:04 pm

How extremely exciting to be visiting the ATK site and seeing "Max 2017" supported on the front page! And then to rush to the forums and find your post here! Awesome news Andru!

I have used ATK so many times on projects and absolutely love it. I have not personally experienced issues with the licensing system, in my opinion it is one of the best licensing systems for a 3rd party plugin i've encountered, i know of many that are far worse. When it is automated a user can buy their software and use it within minutes, instead of waiting for a developer to manually cut them a license in a totally different timezone. I could access my paypal account email and didnt have a proxy server so i can imagine the licensing system could be an issue for users if it wasn't working as smoothly.

To hear that ATK has had some TLC and now supports max 2017, has an improved(?!) licensing system and possibly some more features down the road, that's just so, so exciting!

Thanks again for sharing these insane tools with the public. You and John could have kept these great tools to yourselves but instead you made it available to anyone at an extremely low price - considering the treasure chest worth of tools and workflow boosters. If this tool cost $300 maybe people could complain about the radio silence. But to consider users get such a great set of tools for $25 we can't expect extremely prompt technical support. Hope things are not so crazy busy in the future and thankyou for posting a status update!
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Re: I'm still alive

Postby kainevfx@gmail.com » Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:16 pm

I'm a fairly new user to ATK, but have been using Max for many years now.
First time post on the forum so i'm sorry if this post doesn't belong here but...

WOW - I sincerely wish i had discovered ATK sooner, This is by far the most useful and thought out set of tools for Max money can buy (And might I add, it is priced ridiculously modestly for what it does.) The time this tool saves me is just incredible.

Just wanted to chime in and say thanks for the hard work you guys have put in to this and I really hope the fate of ATK continues to be positive for years to come! All the best!
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Re: I'm still alive

Postby SnipeyX » Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:42 am

Excellent, so glad to hear! Just wanted to post and show some support. Excellent tool that I admittedly don't use enough, but nearly every project I've done for the last two years has at least had the CamRig in it, so thank you!
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Re: I'm still alive

Postby voitd » Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:34 pm

Oh damn, unexpectedly! just now I accidentally to turn in forum, and what i see. Thanks for return, man.
(Btw really a rare case in the software when devs return after such a long break. it should be appreciated)
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Re: I'm still alive

Postby cloclo » Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:28 am

As a fulltime working dad with 2 kids myself I totally understand your (and others') situation :)

ATK is well thought out and a labour of love, sweat and tears. No need for refunds.
I've used ATK many many times and would like to thank you and John for providing it.

Thank you and good luck !!
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